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Deployment Of New Document Management System.

The NGL is deploying a new document management system (DMS) to meet the organization’s growing enterprise information management needs. The NGL has selected M-Files as its next document management system. M-Files is an Enterprise Information Managem

Broadcast Service Provider Selection Underway.

As part of the selection process of broadcast service provider for the National Gridiron League season, Mr Marcin Soluch and Mr Chris Darlison, the Chief Executive officer of the NGL, visited Gearhouse Broadcast this week. The visit included a tour of the

NGL Leadership Team Restructure.

As the National Gridiron League management team expands with the growth of the organisation, the need has arisen to review and enhance the corporate structure and various leadership roles. The NGL will implement some changes to its corporate structure inc

NGL To Roll Out Bus Fleet.

As part of the National Gridiron League continuous improvement, the league systematically reviews its strategies and various operational aspects. Most recent management reports have identified potential economic value in the league procuring owned bus fle

Challenges of Accommodating Over 300 Personnel.

Accommodating over 300 international personnel, arriving in Australia within a short time frame is a challenging task by any measure. With all player accommodation prepared and ready for players to move in upon their arrival, selecting suitable personnel

Custom Face Guards Ruling.

Facemasks without a doubt are one of the most important pieces of football equipment that is worn on the field. Consider wearing a football helmet that entirely exposes your face. During the early years of football when players used leather helmets, playe

NGL Position on Eye Shields & Ruling.

An eyeshield is a piece of football equipment. It is a visor that attaches to the helmet of a player to protect the eyes. In the United States and around the world in most leagues, only clear eye shields are allowed. Under certain conditions at higher lev